"Invloed” Is one of my analoge circle paintings. Which are painted by hand with a lot of patience and focus. a combination of the psychology of color, their relationship with each other and part of my self care activities. The creation process is a meditative game. Afterwards I also like to use them as focus meditation circles and disappear into them.

My NFT creations are the digital children of their analog parents. I always start from my own paintings. Where digital operations are built up in transparent layers. whereby the under-layer of my analog paintings remains visible.

To guarantee the artistic value and uniqueness, I only release 1 edition (child) per digital variant. So every NFT I create is unique and only one of them exists. And per painting I only create 10 NFTs (variants) in a collection.

Put yourself at ease, make sure you are not disturbed, take a few deep breaths and relax while focusing on my work. Enjoy!

"Invloed" 01/10

"Invloed" 02/10